Run an Errand
$25 an hr. plus $0.40 per mile (min 1 hr charge)
Errand running helps elderly get the thing they need like perscriptions, groceries and beer! Busy working professionals and small businesses get help with their errand needs.

Furniture Re-arranging

(Min service charge may apply)
Looking at rearranging you home and have heavy furniture? China cabinets, Dressers, Beds, tables. Couches. Let me do the grunt work.

Window Cleaning

(Min service charge may apply)
Start at $3.00 per pane

 (2nd story ladder work extra)

Light electrical

(Min service charge may apply)
Changing light fixtures and replacing high light bulbs.

​Hoarding clean up
when the amount of acquired clutter prohibits functionality in the home. its time for a cleaning.

Pet Poop Cleaning
$85-Spring clean / $7.00 per gallon

weekly, bi-weekly

(Min service charge may apply)
Clean up the yard after a long winter then maintain it so you can go barefoot in your grass!

High Dusting
Residential High dusting

for those places you cant reach.

Yard Clean up
$40 hr

(Min service charge may apply)
leaf removal, brush removed, pine cones picked up,raking,

Mail Box install
$105 - $150
If yours is hanging by a splinter, or fell over and died or was run over, I can replace it and give your home a new curb side appeal.

Sealing decks or porches
$1.50 sq ft
Applying a waterproofing deck sealer or deck stain will greatly extend the life of a wood deck. The finish prevents the wood from going through wetting and drying cycles.

Toilet Repair
 Fappers. inner tank repairs
I can tighten the tank bolts and adjust your float arm,
and im not

PULLING YOUR CHAIN!  When your POOPER has taken a DUMP and URINE trouble, don’t FLUSH your money down the drain, call me!

Lubricate squeaking anything 

(Min service charge may apply)
Lubricate squeaking doors,

windows, and cabinets or

anything that makes you cringe.

Latest Projects

Door locks / knobs
$65 - $145
Whether they're too stiff or too loose or just too worn and outdated. I can replace them.

Seasonal Maintenance
Get a number of services performed on your home from winterizing it, to getting it ready for summer fun.

Keeps unexpected trouble from happening and gives you piece of mind.

services list

$1.35 linear ft (Min service charge may apply)
Caulk is a flexible material used to seal air leaks through cracks, gaps, or joints less than 1-quarter-inch wide between stationary building components and materials. Counters, toilets, tubs, sinks,

Carpet Cleaning

Have your carpet or Upholstery cleaning done this month and get FREE ODORIZING.

Basement & Garage organizing

Need help cleaning out the basement or garage?

Tell us where you want your things and we'll do the grunt work! $40 hr.

Upcoming Projects

Installing weather-stripping

(Min service charge may apply)
sealing openings such as doors, windows, and trunks from the elements.

Home Items Assembly
Bedroom Furniture, Dining/Kitchen Furniture Home Entertainment Centers, Outdoor/Lawn furniture, Grills, Fitness equipment

Gutter Cleaning
Don't risk falling off your ladder or roof

let me clean   your gutters to avoid costly water damage from ice dams.

New services added every day!


  • 1999 Graduate of the Von Schrader School  ​of Carpet Cleaning 
  • 4 yrs Customer Service industry
  • 6 Years in the Cleaning &  Restoration Industry
  • 10 yrs Carpet Cleaning Business Owner
  • 3 Years Owner  Bunk Bed Manufacturing
  • 3 years Building maintenance Milwaukee area

    Closet Shelving Install
    $150 - $295
    yourself more storage with a set of closet shelves.

    Dryer vent cleaning
    According to The Consumer Product Safety Commission, annually there are tens of thousands of Dryer Fires due to dryer exhaust duct fires. You should clean your vents at least once a year.



    Tighten screws & nails on decks 

    (Min service charge may apply)

     Shutter install

    $50 single story, per set

    $95 second story, per set

    *Shelving build

    *Dryer vent cleaning

    *Thermostat install

    *Sink install

    *House painting

    *Deck Staining

    Change your furnace filters
    $70 Minimum service charge
    You should replace your filters every 3 months.


    *1 bd rm $196-Light Clean - $375 Deep Clean

    *2 bd rm $229-Light Clean - $408 Deep Clean

    *3 bd rm $362-Light Clean - $541 Deep Clean

    ($35 additional each ½ bath , $55 additional bath)

    Faucet repair / replace

     (Min service charge may apply)
    If its broken, rusted or has calcium build up?

    give me a call I may be able to fix or install a new one.


    Garbage Disposal Replacement

    (Min service charge may apply)
    Replacing that old disposal?

    let me install the new one

    Hanging flat screen televisions,
    (min service charge may apply)
    Mount large Mirrors, Flat screen Tv's or pictures

    Broken Single Pane Windows

    $45 per opening

    (Min service charge may apply)

    Single Pane windows broken?

    I can help !

    Dryer vent Cleaning

    only $50

    This month only!

    ​(with this coupon)

    Type your paragraph here.

    Upholstery cleaning
    Sofa $85, Chair $45, LoveSeat $65   Mattressess T-$30 /  
    F-$40  /  Q-$50 /  K-$60
    I use Von Schrader low moisture equipment Guaranteeing a spectacular cleaning

    with fast dry time.

    Specialty LEATHER CLEANING !!

    New Services


    every day!

    • Apartment Cleaning moveouts
    • Basement and Garage Organizing
    • Broken single pane windows
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Caulking
    • Ceiling fan Removal / Install
    • Change furnace filters
    • Closet Shelving Install
    • Closet door Install / Repair
    • Door Locks / Knobs
    • Drape & Shade Install
    • Dryer vent Cleaning
    • Faucet Repair / Replacement
    • Fence Repair
    • Furniture Re-arranging
    • Garbage Disposal Replacement
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Hang Flat Screen T.V
    • High Dusting
    • Hoarding Cleanup
    • Home Item Assembly
    • Install Storm Windows
    • Install Window Air Conditioners
    • Install weather Stripping
    • Interior Auto Detailing
    • Junk Haul Away
    • Light Electrical
    • Lubricate Garage Doors
    • Lubricate Squeaky Anything
    • Mailbox Install
    • Pet poop cleaning
    • Pressure Washing
    • Run An Errand
    • Seasonal Maintenance
    • Seal Decks And Porches
    • Set Up Seasonal Decorations
    • Shutter Install
    • Small Paint Jobs
    • Small Home Repairs
    • Tighten / Install Handrails & Grab Bars
    • Tighten Screws & Nails on Decks & Patios
    • Toilet Repair
    • Upholstery / Leather Cleaning
    • Window Cleaning
    • Yard Clean up

    Junk Haul Away
    $200 truck load
    Junk, Yard waste, Home item removal

     Tighten install handrails & grab bars 

    (Min service charge may apply)
    Hand rails loose or need a grab bar installed by the tub or toilet?

    give me a call!

    This Months

    Special Deals

    Jim Griffith

    " I do the things you can't do

    or just don't want to do! "

    ​​Lubricate Garage doors
    Several parts of your garage door require frequent lubricating.The springs, rollers, tracks and hinges all need some attention once every few months to keep the garage door functioning smoothly.

      Carpet Cleaning
    $.25 sq ft, Steps $3.00 ea
    I use the Von Schrader
    Dryfoam Extraction system. Fast dry times! Very Thorough Cleaning! and offer a   7 day stay clean warranty!

    Pressure Washing
    Most services start at $.25 sq ft

    *Houses by quote.

    *Boats $5 lin ft. bottom,  

    $10 lin ft. whole boat.  

    *Roof (Quote)

     *Fences, decks….$0.25 sq ft.

    *Garage driveways, walkways,....$0.25 sq.ft

    10% OFF

    Small home repair work

    ​Have any small home repair performed this month, (hole patched, drain unclogged, faucet replaced, sink installed etc:)

    and you get 10% off the price

    (Must print this coupon)

    Small Home Repairs

    (Min service charge may apply)

    Ceiling Fan Removal / Installation
    $95 standard 7.5’- 8’ceiling
    Install or remove ceiling fan from bedrooms or living rooms.

    Closet Doors Install / Repair
    Single bifold $35 - $60 /Double bifold $45 - $70
    Bifold doors with a sturdy track should move effortlessly away from the center of the closet to give you a full picture of the contents inside.

    Drape and Shade Install
    carefully measuring the window for the

    placement of the brackets and center mount, .

    Then the rods are secured and the draperies are hung.

    $70 Minimum

    service call

    Fence Repair
    $69 per 6’ section
    If part of your wooden fence has started to rot, you can replace bad slats, pickets or posts with the same type of wood, but FYI, the color may not match if the original fence has weathered.

    Setting up seasonal decorations
    $40 hr

    (Min service charge may apply)
    Christmas, Halloween, Easter, 4th of July,

    Dont see what you need?

    Ask me, I may do it!!

    ​Install storm windows
    Aside from insulation, storm windows provide an additional measure of protection for homes against damages to costly glass panes during inclement weather.

    Small Paint jobs
    $.85 sq ft  ( + supplies )

    Install window air conditioners
    Window-mounted air conditioning units are a cost-effective alternative to central air when renting or when installing central air is cost-prohibitive or otherwise inconvenient.

     Interior Auto Detailing
    Varies 3-5 hrs
    $150 compact passenger/small pick up $184 mid size  passenger/ reg pick up $295 full size passenger /  pick up truck w/cab $365 SUV / conversion van        (leather seats $75 extra)